Ernie’s Book Store

I have enjoyed reading all of my life.  Recently I have discovered hundred of FREE eBooks online.  I hope to list on this site, books I have found on many sites, all over the internet.

Some books I will pay cash for, and these books, I will offer for sale on my sale page.  I do not expect to get rich with this site.  My only hope is to cover the cost of hosting this site, and paying the yearly cost of my domain name.

Thank You and enjoy yourself.

I also hope this will be a home away from home for you.  Please let us know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, so we can change.

Be sure to put you mouse cursor over the words, “FREE eBooks!, then when the pop down menu pops down, look and click on, “FREE Monthly Recipe eBook”.


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  1. admin says:

    Dear person loved by GOD.

    The name of GOD is Jesus. He loves you unconditionally. But He might not love everything you do. If you will this day, give your life to Jesus, you will not only experience His unconditional love for you, but you will also experience His unconditional love for those around you.

    a servant of Jesus the Christ
    ernie e.

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