Calvary Chapel Distinctives

Calvary Chapel Distinctives

Calvary Chapel Distinctives:

What makes Calvary Chapel distinctive?

Pastor Chuck Smith explains a unique and strong emphasis on teaching the Word of God, as well as the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

In this book Pastor Chuck teaches the call to the ministry, church government, the rapture of the church and the priority of studying the Word of God.

Introduction: The Call To The Ministry

  1.  God’s Model For The Church

  2.  Church Government

  3.  Empowered By The Spirit

  4.  Building The Church God’s Way

  5.  Grace Upon Grace

  6.  The Priority Of The Word

  7.  The Centrality Of Jesus Christ

  8.  The Rapture Of The Church

  9.  Having Begin In The Spirit

  10 The Supremacy Of Love

  11 Striking The Balance

  12 Ventures Of Faith

This 144 Page eBook is printed in the PDF format.

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