Harvest by Chuck Smith


by Chuck Smith

Harvest:Gang Members, drug addicts, mental patients, and society’s rejects… Chuck Smith’s amazing story of Calvary Chapel and the unlikely leaders God called to minister His Gospel.

Read the exciting story of how Calvary Chapel has grown. Coming from all walks of life, ten Calvary Chapel pastors share how God broke through the barriers of evil, pride, addiction, complacency and anger to carry out His plan for this vital ministry.

Table of Contents:

  1.  In the Beginning

  2.  Drought Before the Harvest

  3.  As Far As the Eye Can See

  4.  Greg Laurie: Opening the Wrong Door

  5.  Steve Mays: A Heartbeat from Hell

  6.  Jon Courson: Fire & Rain

  7.  Raul Ries: From Fury to Freedom

  8.  Jeff Johnson: Drug Dealer to Shepherd

  9.  Skip Heitzig: A Quest for Psychic Powers

  10 “Bil” Gallatin: Vision of Destruction

  11 Joe Focht: Meditating Undercover

  12 Mike MacIntosh: Neither Dead nor Alive

  13 Principles of Growth

This 160 Page eBook is published in the PDF format.

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    Dear person loved by GOD.

    The name of GOD is Jesus. He loves you unconditionally. But He might not love everything you do. If you will this day, give your life to Jesus, you will not only experience His unconditional love for you, but you will also experience His unconditional love for those around you.

    a servant of Jesus the Christ
    ernie e.

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