Living Water by Chuck Smith

Living Water

by Chuck Smith

Living Water:

In Pastor Chuck’s book Living Water, he explains how God has the power to change lives through His Holy Spirit. This book captures that message and is written to give people a true understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in the life of the believer. Learn how God, through His Holy Spirit, enables the yielded heart to know and personally experience His grace, His love, His power and His gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Introduction: A Glorious Walk With The Spirit

Part One: Who Is The Holy Spirit

  1.  Personality Plus

  2.  The Mystery of the Three In One?

Part Two: What Does The Holy Spirit Do?

  3.  At work In The World

  4.  Keeping The Lid On

  5.  The Church’s Divine Helper

  6.  The Manifold Grace Of God

Part Three: What Are The Gifts Of The Spirit

  7.  Unity In Diversity

  8.  The Word Of Wisdom

  9.  How Did He Know That?

  10 How To Plant A Mulberry Tree In The Ocean

  11 Hope For The Sick

  12 The Hardest Gift To Possess

  13 Speaking Forth The Word Of God

  14 Unmasking The Evil One

  15 An Affront to the Intellect; a Blessing To The Soul

  16 What Did He Say?

  17 Helps – the Quiet Ministry

  18 enough Milk, Already!

  19 Just Do It!

  20 Keep It Simple

  21 An Awesome Responsibility

  22 A Ready Help In Time Of Need

Part Four: How Should We Respond To The Spirit?

  23 The Real Baptism Of Fire

  24 Ask And You Shall Receive

  25 A Torrent Of Love

  Epilogue: The Ultimate Experience

This 320 Page eBook is printed in the PDF format.

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