Tribulation and The Church by Chuck Smith

Tribulation and The Church:

by Chuck Smith

Can you imagine 50 pound chunks of ice falling out of the sky? …

Can you picture the Sierra Nevada mountain range suddenly dropping to 5,000 feet below sea level? …

Can you conceive of a time when people couldn’t die? …
Such events will soon take place upon the earth. God will pour out His wrath upon the world and His judgment upon the men who have rejected His plan of salvation. There’s a debate in theological circles as to whether or not the church will be here when God’s wrath is unleashed upon the earth …

The purpose of this book is to examine the biblical reasons why I feel the Church will not be here during the Great Tribulation–from the Introduction to Tribulation & the Church.


  1.  The Two Tribulations

  2.  The 70 Weeks

  3.  The Rapture of the Church

  4.  In the Book of Revelation

  5.  The Restraining Force

  6.  The Trupmets

  7.  The first Resurrection

  8.  Watch and be Ready

  9.  The Time of the End

  10 Preparation

This 19 page eBook is published in the PDF format.

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