Things I learned from My Pastor by Chuck Smith

Things I Learned from My Pastor

by Chuck Smith

Things I learned from My Pastor:

Table of Contents:

  1.  Not By Might

  2.  The Servant of the Lord Must Not Strive

  3.  Blessed are the Flexible

  4.  Where God Guides, He Provides

  5.  Learn to be the Servant of All

  6.  Minister to Others

  7.  Sheep Beget Sheep

  8.  Be Submissive and Loyal

  9.  Emphasize What God Has Done for Us…

  10 Feed, Don’t Beat the Sheep

  11 Present the Word of God in a….

  12 Worship is Vital

  13 Be Balanced Theologically

  14 Get Your People Praying…

  15 When Your Confronted With…

  16 Be a Sheppard Not a Hireling

  17 God is a More Interested in the Minister…

This 17 page eBook is published in the Microsoft Word format.

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