Why Grace Changes Everything by Chuck Smith

Why Grace Changes Everything

by Chuck Smith

Why Grace Changes Everything:Grace. It’s a word we all love to hear, but do we really know what it means? Without it, our lives are dry and dusty, but when grace comes, it transforms our lives into something rich and beautiful.

With remarkable insight gleaned from his own life, Pastor Chuck Smith unfolds the mystery of grace and reveals the surprising truth: We can never grow in grace by our own efforts. True grace flows from the heart of the Father through the love of Jesus Christ.

To know that God is for you, and that He loves you, is the greatest source of security you will ever know. That is grace—and that is what makes life worth living.

Introduction: A Love Relationship with God

  1.  Forgiven!

  2.  The Door is Never Closed

  3.  No Favorites in the Kingdom

  4.  A Portrait of Grace

  5.  One Step at a Time

  6.  A Garden, Not a Factory

  7.  Believing for the Blessing

  8.  The Struggle Begins

  9.  Free Indeed!

  10 Won’t They Go Wild?

  11 Booby Traps and Land Mines

  12 All or Nothing

  13 Members of Royalty

  14 Our Sole Responsibility

This 91 page eBook is printed in the PDF format.

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  1. admin says:

    Dear person loved by GOD.

    The name of GOD is Jesus. He loves you unconditionally. But He might not love everything you do. If you will this day, give your life to Jesus, you will not only experience His unconditional love for you, but you will also experience His unconditional love for those around you.

    a servant of Jesus the Christ
    ernie e.

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