The New Life by Andrew Murray

The New Life – Words of GOD for Young Disciples of Christ


Andrew Murray



1. The New Life

2. The Milk Of The Word

3. God’s Word In Our Heart

4. Faith

5. The Power Of God’s Word

6. God’s Gift Of His Son

7. Jesus’ Surrender Of Himself

8. Children Of God

9. Our Surrender To Jesus

10. A Savior From Sin

11. The Confession Of Sin

12. The Forgiveness Of Sins

13. The Cleansing Of Sin

14. Holiness

15. Righteousness

16. Love

17. Humility

18. Stumblings

19. Jesus The Keeper

20. Power In Weakness

21. The Life Of Feeling

22. The Holy Spirit

23. The Leading Of The Spirit

24. Grieving The Spirit

25. Flesh And Spirit

26. The Life Of Faith

27. The Might Of Satan

28. The Conflict Of The Christian

29. Be A Blessing

30. Personal Work

31. Missionary Work

32. Light And Joyfulness

33. Chastisement

34. Prayer

35. The Prayer Meeting

36. The Fear Of The Lord

37. Undivided Consecration

38. Assurance Of Faith

39. Conformity To Jesus

40. Conformity To The World

41. The Lord’s Day

42. Holy Baptism

43. The Lord’s Supper

44. Obedience

45. The Will Of God

46. Self-denial

47. Discretion

48. Money

49. The Freedom Of The Christian

50. Growth

51. Searching The Scriptures

52. The Lord The Perfecter





In speaking with young converts, I have very frequently longed for a suitable book in which the most important truths concerning the new life were presented briefly and simply. I could not find anything that entirely corresponded to what I desired. During the services in which I have been permitted to take part, I felt this need even more keenly. There I spoke with so many who professed to have found the Lord yet were still very weak in knowledge and faith. In the course of my journey, I have felt myself pressed to take my pen in hand.


Under a vivid impression of the infirmities and the distorted thoughts concerning the new life, with which almost all young Christians have to wrestle, I wished to offer them words of instruction and encouragement. I wanted to let them see what a glorious life of power and joy is prepared for them in their Lord Jesus, and how simple the way is to enjoy all this blessing..


I have confined myself in these reflections to some of the most important topics. The first is the Word of God as the glorious and sure guide, even for the simplest souls who will surrender themselves to it. Then, as the chief element in the Word, there is the Son, the gift of the Father, to do all for us. Then follows what the Scriptures teach concerning sin as the only thing that we have to bring to Jesus, as that which we must give to Him, and from which He will set us free. Further, there is faith, the great word in which our inability to bring or to do anything is expressed, and that teaches us that all our salvation must be received every day of our lives as a gift from above. The young Christian must also make acquaintance with the Holy Spirit as the Person through whom the Word and Jesus–With all His work and faith in Him–can become power and truth. Then there is the holy life of obedience and fruitfulness, in which the Spirit teaches us to walk.


It is to these six leading thoughts of the new life that I have confined myself. In ceaseless prayer, I have asked that God use what I have written to make His young children understand what a glorious and mighty life they have received from their Father. It was often very unwillingly that I took leave of the young converts who had to go back to lonely places, where they could have little counsel or help, and seldom mingle in the preaching of the Word. It is my sure and confident expectation that what the Lord has given me to write will prove a blessing to many of these young confessors.


While writing this book, I have had a second wish abiding with me. I have wondered what I could possibly do to insure that my book would not draw attention away from the Word of God, but rather, help to make the Word more precious. I resolved to furnish the work with footnotes, so that, on every point that was referred to, the reader might be stirred up still to listen to the Word itself, to God Himself.

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    Dear person loved by GOD.

    The name of GOD is Jesus. He loves you unconditionally. But He might not love everything you do. If you will this day, give your life to Jesus, you will not only experience His unconditional love for you, but you will also experience His unconditional love for those around you.

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