177 Ways to Reduce and Burn Calories

177 Ways to Reduce and Burn Calories

177 Ways to Reduce and Burn Calories

1. Substitute fruit purees for butter or margarine. They are easy to prepare in a food processor and will significantly reduce calories and fat.

2. Cheese is good for you, but the fat is not. Try this: Zap cheese in the microwave and drain off grease or choose lower fat options.

3. Exercising before you eat just makes you hungrier. Exercise AFTER eating when the body has to work harder to digest food.

4. Don’t eat while watching television. You can become so engrossed in your program, that don’t even realize how much you are eating.

5. Too many people skip breakfast. Eat in the morning when the body burns more calories.

6. Water mixed with fructose suppresses appetite better than glucose with water or diet drinks. Drink a glass of orange juice one half to one hour before a meal.

7. Avoid trans fatty acids as much as possible. Use olive or canola oil when cooking. Avoid products that list partially hydrogenated oils, since these are trans fatty acids.

8. Switch from whole to skim milk. All the nutrients are there without the fat. Okay, at least cut back to low fat (1%)!

9. Limit yourself to just four egg yolks a week.

Plus 168 more way to reduce and b urn calories.