The Missionary Problem Is A Personal Problem by Andrew Murray

The Missionary Problem is s Personal Problem

The Missinary Problem Is A Personal Problem

by Andrew Murray

Many will agree that every believer is called upon to live and work for others, but still look upon this
as only a secondary thing, additional and subordinate to the primary interest of working out his own salvation. Every believer a soul-winner – that does not mean, among other things, but first of all, as the chief reason of his existence. We all agree in saying that the one and supreme end of the Church is to bring the world to Christ. We know that God gave Him the Church as His body. The one purpose was that it should be to its Head what every body is on earth – the living organ or instrument through which the purposes and the work of the head can be carried out. What is true of the Head is true of the Body; what is true of the Body is true of each individual member – even the very weakest.  As in the Head, Christ Jesus, as in the Body, the Church, so in every believer, the supreme, the sole
end of our being is the saving of souls. It is in this, above everything, that God is glorified. “I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and should bring forth fruit.”

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