Working for GOD! by Andrew Murray

Working for God by Andrew Murray Working for GOD

The object of this little book is first of all to remind all Christian workers of the greatness and the
glory of the work in which God gives a share. It is nothing less than that work of bringing men
back to their God, at which God finds His highest glory and blessedness. As we see that it is
God’s own work we have to work out, that He works it through us, that in our doing it His glory
rests on us and we glorify Him, we shall count it our joy to give ourselves to live only and wholly
for it.
The aim of the book at the same time is to help those who complain, and perhaps do not even
know to complain, that they are apparently labouring in vain, to find out what may be the cause of so much failure. God’s work must be done in God’s way, and in God’s power. It is spiritual work, to be done by spiritual men, in the power of the Spirit. The clearer our insight into, and the more complete our submission to, God’s laws of work, the surer and the richer will be our joy and our reward in it.

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